“There are many roads that lead to happiness. Ours took us to China in January 2008 where we met our daughter Marianne. Since then, every day has been a source of wonderment and firsts: the first smile, the first ‘dad’ and ‘mom’, the little head which nods off to our beating heart... Yes, many roads lead to happiness, and one of them is through adoption."

Catherine, Dominic and Marianne

“With the imminent arrival of our daughter, we began to prepare to include her in our life as a couple. We would finally be a family. Today we are surprised to see that adoption extended the size of our family much more than we had expected. Not only do we have a wonderful little girl who is now part of our life, but in addition, we have a new extended family, that is, the other adoptive parents who shared a similar with us in China. They have become our brothers and sisters, and their children are cousins to our daughter. Our girls will never be alone in this extended family, which complement their adoptive family. What wealth and happiness!”

Thanks to everyone at Children of the World for accompanying us on the greatest journey of our lives.

Jean-François, Sylvie and Béatrice

“The hope of having a family… A void we finally filled… We now have a beautiful family. The oldest is seven years old and the youngest is  almost five. Two sisters from China who brought so much beauty into our lives. Yes, Mommy and Daddy went to the other end of the world with the sole intention of completing their little family. Two trips, two girls, one family living its dream.”

Stephan, Manon, Florence and Juliette

“We travelled a long road before finally being united! Now we laugh, we play, we cry and we grow together. Hand in hand, we continue on our path, our hearts filled with joy.”

Jeff, Brigitte and Louis

“After having adopted our little Laurie (Min Yuan) in 2004, we repeated the experience in 2008 by becoming the parents of Marion (Su Ning). With the help of our Chinese guides, we lived the happiest days of our lives. These two trips will remain forever etched in our memories. People we meet are always surprised to hear us talk about our little treasures with so much emotion and pride. We are very lucky that life has chosen us to become the parents of these wonderful little girls.”

Isabelle and Stéphane, happy parents of Laurie and Marion.

“What a joy to see China again! The warm welcome of the Chinese, the kindness of the guides, the tremendous thankfulness of the orphanage managers… We will never forget this extraordinary trip and these generous people. The tender message to our daughters remains: We are proud of your visit. Come back soon, and in later years come and show your own children where you were born… With great joy, they will return."

Normand, Sylvie, Lili and Suzie

“For me, family is people with whom we spend the greater part of our lives, who we grow up with and, above all, those we learn to love.”

Yongdi and her family, Benoît, Diane and Soieni

China is the country where we were born
Often my little sister and I
Imagine what it is like.
Together we cook and we skate,
we draw and we garden,
We kid each other and we argue,
But above all,
We love our poutine!

Julie-Anne and Anne-Tsin