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Complete information services

We insure that adopting parents get all the information they require about:

  • the history, the issues and the future of international adoption;

  • the legal and administrative procedures involved;

  • the evolution of their adoption file;

  • the psychological preparation required in adopting a child;

  • preparing, organizing and actually embarking on the adoption trip;

  • the return to Quebec and post-adoption resources.

The more information you have about the many aspects of international adoption, the better equipped you will be to conclude your project successfully. That is the best chance for success possible.

Information Sessions

Information sessions are held in Montreal and Quebec every month. Check the meetings schedule. The regional offices also offer this service, upon request. The aim of these meetings is to share valuable information on international adoption: recommended children, their countries of origin, their state of health, steps required in their adoption, admissibility criteria for parents, current waiting period, etc. You will get everything you need to make a decision. Following these meetings, you will have all the necessary information to make a clear decision. Our facilitators are adoptive parents themselves, and they can answer your questions frankly and thoughtfully.

Adoption consultants’ help

You can contact our adoption consultants at any time. They will accompany you throughout the process and help you with every detail of your file as an adoptive parent. If you have a question, a concern or a preoccupation, they will be available to inform and support you. They can be reached Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to
4:30 p.m. and on Friday (close).

24/7 Information

Every week, a new message is available in the Children of the World voice mailbox or Web site for parents involved in the adoption process. This allows us to keep you abreast of the latest news and the latest happenings on files, invite you to our activities and to our partners’ activities, and update you on conference dates, etc.


Over the years, we have developed exhaustive documentation which will help you complete your adoption project, step by step. We make available three very popular reference tools, which have helped many adoptive parents through the adoption process. The first, Step by Step, takes you from your first stirrings of interest in international adoption up to the time you send your file to the country of your choice. The second guide, The Great Adoption Journey, accompanies you from the time your file is sent and until your return to Quebec. Finally, At Home With Your Child, informs you of the procedures that remains to be completed once you return from your trip with your adopted child.

Liaison with The Secrétariat à l’adoption internationale

Throughout the adoption process, we work closely with The Secrétariat à l’adoption internationale (SAI), which is the central authority in Quebec for international adoption. Your international adoption project must be monitored and approved by the SAI until it is concluded, and we supervise each step.