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Post-adoption services

From a technical, medical, psychological or organizational point of view, we have the resources to respond to any request.

Back-in-Quebec guidebook

We provide parents with a guide book entitled At Home With Your Child, which outlines the steps to be completed upon your return to Québec. This guide deals with the following subjects: registering your child with the État civil, getting her or his birth certificate, health insurance card and social insurance number. Financial questions are also covered: Quebec Parental Insurance Plan, Canada Child Tax Benefit, tax credits, etc. Various services and referrals are also offered: reading material, support groups, available resources, web sites and more.

Post-adoption conferences

We regularly invite adopting parents to post-adoption conferences, which are greatly appreciated by those who attend. We deal with several important subjects: problems sleeping, development of pre-school adopted children, adapting to school, adolescence, etc. Better understanding an adopted child often makes for a happier family atmosphere.

Organizing return trips

For families who may so desire, we have developed a return trip to the home country which includes a visit to an orphanage. The home countries are always happy to see the children they have entrusted us with. Let’s not forget that for the child, this is a perfect occasion to learn more about her or his own adoption. To visit their birth city and to see with their own eyes how children are cared for, to meet their nanny and the orphanage personnel, to get to know their birth country… all of this is beneficial for the child and the family.

Family activities

Every year we organize outings for all the Children of the World families (apple-picking, Christmas party, sugaring-off party). These are happy get-togethers for both parents and children. They contribute to giving our kids a feeling of belonging and are good occasions for them, who come from so far away, to get to know each other. It allows them to strenghthen their feeling of belonging to Quebec society and to embrace about their differences.