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Pre-adoption services

In addition to the information services already mentioned, we offer you personalised support in everything you undertake, starting with your first pre-adoption steps.

Preparation of the adoptive parents’ files

No matter what country you choose to adopt from, you will be compiling a master file which will contain the legal documents required to successfully complete your project. To determine which documents you will need, refer to the country’s fact sheet. We will assist you throughout this stage and provide all the explanations you may need to enable you to compile your file quickly and efficiently.

Authentication of files of adoptive parents

As soon as it is completed, the master file must be authenticated by a notary. In order to insure the confidentiality of the files, we work with a team of notaries who come to our Montreal office on a regular basis to perform the required notarial work. Then we reconcile the authentication required by the Department of External Affairs and the embassies of the countries in question.

Sending and follow-up of the adoptive parents’ files in the home countries

We are in permanent contact with the authorities of the home countries and we track the files of the adoptive parents closely. We also have a number of reliable on-site contacts who intervene promptly if there are any changes. When necessary, we examine the files one by one to insure that the adoption procedures are respected.

Conferences for expectant parents registered with Children of the World

We are very aware that international adoption is often a very long process and that it may raises several questions, or even concerns, on the part of the parents.

That is why we organize conferences for adoptive parents in Montreal, Quebec and in the regions. These conferences are always unique occasions for future parents to obtain frank responses to the questions that arise. Some of the facilitators we regularly have the pleasure of hosting are:

  • Dr. Jean-Francois Chicoine, a paediatrician who is well known for his expertise in international adoption. A close observer of international health issues, Dr. Chicoine is well aware of the situation confronting adopted children throughout the world.

  • Mrs Johanne Lemieux, social worker and adoptive mother, is recognized for her expertise in pre- and post-adoption services to adoptive parents. Her conferences on bonding and the twelve winning conditions for successful parent-child bonding have been of invaluable help to hundreds of adoptive parents.

  • Mrs Patricia Germain, nurse, studies new family models, particularly, identity development in adopted children.

  • Mr. Tingyuan Sun, who works closely with Children of the World, regularly gives conferences on adoption in China and on the history, culture and evolution of Chinese society.

  • Mrs Maryse Bouchard et Dr. Jeanne Bouisset are adoptive parents and volunteers who offer advice and a host of tips on the adoption journey.

We also count on a variety of adoption specialists who provide a wide range of advice relating to the adoption of a child from overseas. Many volunteers and parents also provide testimonials to help parents who are waiting for a child.

Meetings are always interactive: if you have questions, we want to hear them and provide you with an answer. Parents agree that these meetings are ideal for building friendships, facilitating exchanges between parents and encouraging one another.