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Services leading to the adoption journey

As soon as your proposal to adopt a child is received, preparations for the adoption journey begin.

Meetings to prepare for the trip

Adopting parents are immediately invited to attend two meetings to prepare for the trip. There they will meet other parents who will also make the trip. We cover a variety of subjects: the legal steps, the formalities of the trip, as well as what to include in your first-aid kit.

The first meeting covers the planning and the progression of the trip. The second meeting, which is led by a health professional, deals strictly with treatment the child may require. A healthcare guide is provided for all parents. The health professionals will also refer you to a team of pediatricians, if necessary, who can give you more specific medical advice, based on the child’s medical file.

Organizing the trip

Parents almost always travel in a group. Children of the World manages and coordinates the purchase of plane tickets and reservations through the reception agencies that we work with in the home countries. Our foreign associates are chosen for the quality of service they offer adopting families. They have the expertise necessary to help you with the legal and administrative aspects of the adoption, as well as travel arrangements.

  • Guides accompany the group and are available 24 hours a day. These guides have been specifically trained to work with adopting parents and have the experience and knowledge to help in any situation. If, for example, a family has to go to the hospital, an additional guide will be called on to free up the primary guide, who will accompany the family to the hospital.

  • Hotels are chosen for the comfort and tranquillity they provide during the adoption. A private bus is available at all times for group activities. Most meals are included.

  • Many side trips are also included.

Assistance during the trip

A Children of the World consultant is available 24 hours a day for the duration of the adoption trip. The guides and our consultant work together very closely, and they do so for the entire duration of the parents’ stay. Whether you are concerned about the child’s health or you have a technical or other type of question, we are there to help you.