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Our team

Our team is, above all, composed of professionals – volunteers and devoted employees – who are motivated to make every adoption a success. The majority of people who work at Children of the World have adopted children. Their devotion to parents and children comes from the heart and they are all active in promoting adoption and humanitarian assistance to children.

The Board of Directors consists of nine volunteers who are all adoptive parents, and they determine the direction of the organization and ensure that the primary mission is accomplished.

Our attentive and efficient employees ensure on-going contact with parents, provide follow-up to files, coordinate services to parents and children, and they prepare projects entrusted to volunteers.

Children of the World also enjoys the support of many volunteer parents who are exemplary resources for new adoptive parents and for those who are awaiting their children. They can be found virtually everywhere in Quebec to assist parents throughout the adoption process.

We shouldn’t forget that the thousands of adoptions that Children of the World has facilitated to date were made possible thanks to the constantly renewed commitment of all the volunteer parents who want to do their part to help other families experience the joy of adopting a child. We salute the devotion of the hundreds of volunteers who have put, and who continue to put, their passion and energy at the service of parents and children.

At the montreal head office you can meet:

  • Mrs Hélène Duval

Children of the world also operates regional coordination offices

  • Québec Region: Mrs. Gwen Bobée

  • Saguenay—Lac-St-Jean Region: Mrs. Sylvie Tremblay

  • Lower St. Lawrence—Gaspé Region: Mr. Martin Desrosiers

Do not hesitate to contact us. No matter the reason for your call, we are always happy to talk to you.

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