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Our mission, our values

Our mission

As a non-profit international adoption organization, certified by the Quebec Government, Children of the World’s fundamental mission is  to guarantee the best interests of the children and to insure that their adoption rights are respected. The objectives of Children of the World are to defend children's rights and interests and to improve their living conditions.

More specifically, Children of the World performs humanitarian and non-profit work to:

  • help Quebec parents who want to adopt abandoned children in need of a family;

  • help abandoned children living in the community and in institutions in their home countries;

  • offer all possible humanitarian aid to improve children’s living conditions, development and education.

We help abandoned children grow and build a more hopeful future.

The values we share

The greater interests of the children

We always act in the best interest of the children and with respect for their basic rights. That is at the heart of what we do and our primary concern. There are thousands of children with no families and we believe that every one of them has a right to a family. For all abandoned children, the hope of a better life is in finding a committed, open and loving family prepared to welcome them.

A successful adoption every time

Every adoption is unique. We do everything possible to insure that every adoption succeeds. We develop a relationship of trust and mutual respect with the parents as well as with the people and organizations we work with.

Humanitarian assistance to children

We believe in mutual aid and humanitarian cooperation. We help abandoned children living in their communities and in institutions in their home countries. We develop mutual assistance services and long-term cooperation with the orphanages who entrust their children to us.

Honesty and ethics

Our approach is transparent, and we always act with the greatest integrity. Our actions are guided by probity, ethics and honesty within the framework of the law.